Domestic Violets in the studio

Hey everyone, I haven't posted on my own site in over a year!
A lot has happened this year. The most exciting news is that I have a new band. It's a departure from my solo work. It is an alternative indie rock band. It is called "Domestic Violets".

The Beatunes in concert!

Many of you know that I play in a Beatles cover band. It's called
"The Beatunes". We play all over Southern California. We have been told that we are the best Beatles band in SoCal. I believe them.

For information on bookings and our upcoming schedule go to:


The Dale LaDuke Group

The music that you hear on this website is primarily from my solo CD and is the work of the Dale LaDuke Group.

We are playing all the time and are available for house concerts and shows in the Southern California area.

Lone Ranger Movie!

Excited by the news that the movie is going forward. Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp have negotiated for a May 31st (my birthday!) release.

My song of the same name is being considered for this movie.

New Dale LaDuke CD!

My new as yet untitled CD is finished!

I hope to have the graphics and packaginng done by the first of the year.

For preorders contact me at: daleladuke@yahoo....

Olde Towne Cafe Open Mic

The Open Mic that I host every Wednesday night.
Good food, wine, music, people....every week.

10024 commerce ave. tujunga, ca...

Dale finishes in the top 20 at the Durango Song Expo

"Thanks for your submission. Great stuff and you finished in the top 20. The Competition is stiff, the girl who won two years ago wrote with Jeffrey Steele at The Expo and that song is the new Rascal Flatts single. Thanks again. We hope to see you at The Expo....