Hi Dale,
Nice site!
I am looking for my hedstock tuner, I left it on the bass at the Ode Towne cafe' last Wed. Call me please, 818 554 4522

I introduced myself to you today at Songwriters' Sanctum at the Church at Ocean Park. I so enjoyed your set, as I told you. Your music is sweet and powerful and palpable. The lyrics of your songs are so beautiful and so expressive. Thank you.

We really love your songs !
Susanne & Peter, Hamburg-Germany

Hello, I saw your ad this morning in the Voice of the Village Newspaper. I am 39 years old, mother of 2, tone deaf :) and probably entering some sort of mid-life crisis era. Anyways, I've never played any instrument or have any musical talent whatsoever. But, lately, for some reason I'm compelled to learn to play the guitar. I bought a lovely acoustic Fender guitar yesterday and was looking at some you-tube videos for beginner guitar players yesterday. I quickly realized that won't cut it! I need an actual person. I patient person. So, if you still do lessons I'm interested in a guitar for dummies type of approach. I'm not looking to become a rock star or anything but I would absolutely LOVE to be able to play "you are my sunshine" to my kids and hopefully learn a few songs. You can email me any info. you have on lessons at the above email. Thank you so much. Jenni Duncan

hey there dale
really love your sound & songs
we have a mutual friend
john batdorf
he recommended i contact you to do a song circle at our PGS room at Farwest oct 2012
we would be honored to have you in one or more of them
my tel number is 562 822 1392
if we could talk like the old days ...on a phone vs email
is that possible?
let me know...call anytime (or email of course if that's your preference)

Hw'd it go toy, buddy? CW

congrads from all us in ur hometown of New Baltimore

Hi Dale... wondering if you guys are going to play at Howies on Friday, June 1st?

Let me know.....Thanks....JB

How do I get the new album? Miss you.

Hey Dale. How much do you charge for a gig?


any relation? My father was a clarinet player with Tommy Dorsey

hi dale, i spoke to you about guitar lessons, due to me being left handed you were going to refer me to a teacher friend of yours. did you ever find his phone # please send if possible. thanks... mike

hi dale, it's me the Lone Ranger fan from last night at ARC. seriously, dale, i've heard alot of damn songs in my long life and this is one of the most beautiful i've ever heard.

it breaks my heart every time i hear it. perhaps in part because it really takes me back to the fifties when we waited breathlessly every year for the extra long episode of LR that explained how he met Tonto, how he found Silver. but it goes beyond that really, it's just so poignant and beautiful.

thanks for writing it...

what about new songs beach weekend. undo it. mean. run the world (girls). hold it aganist me. blow. born this way. smlie. white liar. welll.well.well. jessica. right there. pretty mess. round and round. summertime blues. stand by your man. blue. god god i'm a country girl. red high heels and more. check it out on music choice. cmt. g.m.c. g.a.c.tv. vevo. wal-mart soundcheck and more.

Just wanted to offer you a big hearty Congratulations!!! You guys sounded great and had really nice and appealing delivery so I figured you finish “up" there. You should be very proud with all the competition there was.

Much continued success to you!
All the best,
Allan Frankemail: allan@allanfrankmusic.comWEB site: www.allanfrankmusic.com Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/allanfrankmusicFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/allanfrankmusic

Hey Dale,
Caught your song at Topanga... nice!
Also took a couple of photos of you and band.
Let me know your email and I will forward them to you.

Just saw your group at LAWiM event. Loved the Lone Ranger and LA songs! Keep making great music!

I saw FWD perform at a 9/11 benefit concert in the Glendale area. Deedee O'Malley also performed. FWD sang a great song titled "The Decent Thing" and I bought that single on cd. Wondering why this song was never placed on any of the FWD albums?

Like your website and music.

Hey Dale -

I had the good fortune of connecting with you 2 years ago at FAR-West in Mesa at the songwriters' circle on the last night. I saw you sitting outside Dana's room at FAR-West this year, but was too busy to stop and connect with you... My loss; the moment never returned... Looks like you're as busy as ever (your music, Beatunes, tribute for The Wrecking Crew.) Nice work, brother! May you be well and happy, and may our paths cross again, sooner than later. :-)

With love and respect,
- Nathen

I watched the webcast Freebo shared of Russ & Julies House concert on Sat., Aug 14. I love It's About You. Please let me know if you are ever in Arizona!


Hi Dale

I'm trying to fnd out how to get hold of your music, but I can't seem to find anything about a CD on your site, and the download links don't work. Could you let me know where I can purchase your music?


How do I download your music or buy cd? The links to open these won't load, says internet explorer cannot load the page......Thanks......Great music!

Beautiful song!

Hi Dale, Your music is awesome! I can't stop listining. I'm so glad to have found your website. ML, Sheila

Very nice website, and your songs are great to listen to! :)

I could listen to your voice ALL day. Thanks for putting it out there :)


Hi Dale,

Glad to see your still out there!


So happy to see such a great website and hear you sing again! Take care! Tami

hi dale great website !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loneranger rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!